viernes, 1 de mayo de 2009

Call for Artists

Intercultural Project “Art for Peace”

Art as a creator of symbolic universes gives us the chance to express, communicate and receive inner worlds, diverse visions of the shared world, forms of interpret reality and to generate new realities. Within the frame of contemporary culture, formal and conceptual breakings are produced, generating new experiences of production, appreciation and interpretation.

The countries different cultural contexts, each one with its own idiosyncrasy, plus the activity of the producers, undoubtfully generate different insights and esthetical positioning, which gathered in collective actions will allow us to interpret the actual artistic and cultural movement.

We intend to develop an inviting proposal to people in order to enjoy the artists creativity in a completely different environment. The ultimate goal is to make people more conscious of the need to achieve a state of peace in our planet.

Our proposal invites artists to send by email works of art to be shown on the internet to ordinary people which usually do not attend the traditional art spaces where art is exhibited.
This event seeks to interact with cultural agents of various countries in order to establish a fluid communication in both productive and cognitive aspects creating also bridges among different cultures, geographies, politics and languages, gathering people through the universal language of art.

All the works will be exhibited in a newly created blog.

The project convokes every artist interested in joining this Intercultural Project “Art for Peace”.


· To make a virtual exhibition of art (in every possible expression) under the subject “Peace”
· To create a collective project of artistic production.
· To divulge events related with Peace and Art in different countries


The word peace is broadly defined in a positive sense, as a state of tranquility or stillness and in a negative sense, as the absence of war, annoyance or violence.

According to the international laws point of view, and as an extension of the previous definition, Peace is defined as a treaty ceasing a state of war.

Social peace can be understood as the understanding and good relationship among groups or classes within a country. In the individual context, peace is a inner state, free of anger, rage, or broadly speaking, free of negative feelings. This is why it is wished for oneself and for others, thus becoming a greeting (peace be with you) or a life goal.


Works must be sent by email to, since the whole project is intended as a virtual exhibition. Shots of every kind of artistic expressions can be sent; also video art, video performance, video dance, net-art, songs and/or music performances, poems and short stories.
Any interpretation of the subject Peace will be welcome. This exhibition is intended for educational purposes so the contents should be appropriate for all audiences.

The artists will exhibit their work including a brief explanation and, optionally, their email contact or links to their web sites showing their art or projects about peace.


Guadalupe Victorica (Mexico)
Raul Albanece (Argentina)
Georgia Grigoriadou (Greece)

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